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Delicate || P!Souji & Chizuru



"Hmmmm??" Souji turned around to see the small one walking down the hall.  "Hello there…"  

Dressed as a boy, but those hands were not masculine, nor were they the calloused hands of a boy who played at swords with friends.  But so cute, he thought to himself.

"How did you get in here??"


Spoken to, I turned around and looked at the approaching male with a timid glance. In my hands, I carried a tray of tea and medicine. I had been on my way to deliver it to its prescribed patient as ordered to by Yamazaki-san. Long forbidden by Hijikata-san, I was not to speak within the compound premises with other members and guests alike.


I didn’t dare utter a word. Instead, I gave the young man a polite nod, indicating both a greeting and acknowledgement of his presence. However, at his question, I felt my expression become somber as it was out of my power to answer him. So, again, I looked at him passively and shook my head ‘no.’ It was all I could do to communicate. ‘I cannot speak’ I tried to convey.

PB & Jelly || Okita-san & Chizuru



"Mmm?" Oh…someone was nearby—Chizuru for that matter. Face un-wrinkling from thought, his attention perked and his gaze was sliding away from the JIF and towards the girl. Didn’t keep his hand from grabbing it though. I don’t see anything wrong with one day...this was his only justification as he was neglecting other issues with the meal like, say, its health benefits. "So I see Chizuru-chan is busy stalking me. Coincidence or were you that bored?" 


Pardon my asking,” I said, recognizing his teasing tone for what it was and choosing to ignore it, “But are you, perchance, in need of assistance?

I stared at Okita-san, puzzled. Strange. ‘As I thought. It is the usual Okita-san.’ Perhaps it had been a figment of my imagination? But no, I rebuked the thought. I could have sworn I’d heard him say it. Though, there were no deep wrinkles on his forehead and when Okita-san had addressed me, it was his usual self. Perhaps nothing was troubling him. I couldn’t help sighing softly at that. The Okita-san that I had grown to know for all this time was akin to a well-behaved child when it concerned Kouchou-sensei. 

'I must have misheard him.'

He couldn’t have possibly uttered a rebellious statement in regards to Kouchou-sensei. It was unthinkable. …Right? ‘But if something were to be bothering him, I wonder how I’d be able to convince Okita-san to confide in me, I wonder if he’d share it with me.’ Distancing myself from my thoughts, I realized I must had been quiet for awhile and I smiled awkwardly at him. At least I hadn’t spoken my thoughts out loud this time. Feeling mildly embarrassed, I then focused my attention to the object in Okita-san’s hand.

My apologies if that isn’t the case.


Are you shopping for dinner, Okita-senpai?

PB & Jelly || Okita-san & Chizuru



He is deciding how disappointed Kondou would be if informed he bought a jar of peanut butter for dinner while he was away. Because that jar of JIF on the rack is much more tempting than arguing with that damn oven. 

"Kondou-san doesn’t have to know…does he?" 



I looked up at Okita-san with brows lightly raised in surprise. His face had taken a serious look. ”O-kita-senpai?" I spoke, voice soft and laced with well-hidden curiosity as I quietly thought to myself, ‘did I hear him correctly? Okita-san wanted to hide something from…’

I’ll Make It Up To You || Okita-san & Chizuru



"…" He responded with quite the face then. There was that pout. Would that work? Would that get her? He wasn’t sincere with it, just using it as bait. "That hurts you know, Chizuru-chan." 


'Be that as it may Okita-san, intimate contact with one another is out of my comfort zone and it is a bridge I am unready to cross.' I looked at Okita-san with a weak smile and held back the words on the tip of my tongue, realizing that it would be improper of me to speak to him so forwardly. While, I considered Okita-san a good friend, we were not that close. However, if I were to communicate these words of discomfort to him, I wondered how he'd react to them. 

 ”…I um, I humbly apologize for the inconvenience Okita-senpai.

(出典: tales-of-chronicles)

Um… RP?

I’d like to know if any one of my followers would like a thread (I’m more than willing to attempt to write a starter for us, but be warned that I’m in a bit of a writer’s slump). I have been gone from my Hakuouki blogs for a long time now and I’d like to get back into them, but I’m not so sure who’d still be willing to interact with my version of Chizuru, Kaoru and Heisuke.

There’s some new faces around and correct me if I’m wrong, but I imagine you’ve all settled in with your own respective partner’s at this point.

If you’re not feeling my Hakuouki cast, I also have a multi-muse blog with a diversity of characters to choose from (though only two have their short bio’s up because I’ve yet to find the time to finish the others). It’s a really big cast and I’d like to make a good job. I also have some other canon characters from different series and my FEA blog. It’s rather exciting really and I’d love the chance to RP with you!

I’ve yet to finish the page describing it, but there’ll be some new interesting ”verses” you’ll be able to choose from added to my Hakuouki blogs and I’m not talking about ‘Sweet School Life’. 


Journey’s End || Chizuru & ?

My face was covered in bruises that were innumerable. 

I could feel the claws raking against my skin, my body lying on the ground and all I felt was { ʀ ʟ ɪ ғ }. Relief at the blood that flowed leaving body numb. My clothes, now in tatters, were saturated with it. It pooled around me in great flowing waves that would have been concerning if I could feel anything like concern anymore. My chest rose and fell with shallow breaths. I could feel the rapid beating of my heart.

               I couldn’t — see. 

               I couldn’t — hear. 

               I couldn’t — speak. 


Tears began to flow silently down my face and all I could think was…

          Is it over…?

                    Am I free….?



Father, guide me home, please.

felt the fangs and the pain of the brutal attack
slowly ebbing away into { ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ɪ ɴ ɢ}.

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